Roof Access Ladders

Roof Access Ladders

Industrial Ladder and Scaffolding, Inc. provides industry leading roof access ladders. We have standard models of our fixed roof ladders listed below but also offer customization for your unique projects.

Bay Area Roof Ladders

Industrial Ladder & Scaffolding, Inc. has been providing the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and the Sacramento Valley with safe and secure roof access ladders since 1959. We can assist you from the design phase to the installation phase. We also offer on site consultation services.

Safe Access is the Priority

All of our ladders meet or exceed Cal/OSHA and ANSI 14.3 standards and are designed with safety being our number one priority. Our employees are trained on the design standards for roof access ladders. If you have questions regarding fixed ladder safety or design requirements, please call us for assistance.

Ladder Cages

In certain situations, fixed ladders require safety cages. If you have an existing ladder that needs a safety cage, look no further and call us. We can ship you a modular safety cages to attach to your existing ladder.

Call Us for a Free Quote

For a free quote, please call us at (916) 452-0231 or email us today. We will be glad to answer anyu question that you might have.


How To Order

  • Download the correct drawing for the roof access ladder model that you need.
  • Fill in the required dimensions.
  • Send drawing to
  • We will email you a quote for price of the ladder.
  • You review the quote, sign it if approved, and return to us.
  • We will call you to finalize the order.

Roof Access Ladders

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