Fixed Ladder

Fixed Ladder

Industrial Ladder and Scaffolding, Inc. sells custom roof ladders. Our Fixed Ladder can be custom made to fit your needs, applications, and local standard requirements. Our ladders are aluminum and require zero maintenance once installed. The ladder rungs are serrated optimizing foot and hand traction. Our roof access ladders can be fabricated to include walk through handrails, walk off platforms, safety cages, security doors, and many other options.

Fixed Ladder Models

  • ALACCRH – Access Ladder to Roof Hatch
  • ALACCRHX – Access Ladder to Roof Hatch with Safety Cage
  • ALACCBR – Access Ladder with Walk Through Handrails
  • ALACCBRX – Access Ladder with Walk Through Handrails and Safety Cage
  • ALACCBRP – Access Ladder with Walk Through Handrails and Walk Off Platform
  • ALACCBRPX – Access Ladder with Handrails, Safety Cage, and Walk Off Platform
  • ALACCBRPXR – Access Ladder with Handrails, Safety Cage, Platform, and Return Ladder
  • Options:
    • Security Door
    • Security Hatch for Safety Cage
    • Spring Loaded Ladder Up Safety Post
    • Off Floor Mounting
    • Extra Long Mounting Brackets
    • Swing Gate for Fall Protection

Product Downloads

To download information on one of our fixed ladders, please click on the hyperlink below:

Access Ladder Safety Inspection

We offer an access ladder safety inspection service. If you have a building in Northern Ca that has existing roof access ladders that need to be inspected, please give us a call.

Roof Ladder Submittal Drawings

We have submittal drawings of each fixed ladder model. We can also create Ladder shop drawings for custom jobs.

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Modular Ladder Safety Cages

Do you have an existing access ladder that needs a safety cage. look no further and give us a call today. We can ship you modular sections of our ladder safety cage for you to install on your access ladder.

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